Szkola Podstawowa nr 157 im. Adama Mickiewicza

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 157 is a cosy primary school with lower secondary classes. It is situated in the centre of Warsaw in the historic estate. There are 4 multi-language classes on 2 levels. The students are 13-14 years old. They are openminded, skilful and motivated to learn. There are 30 subject teachers with 3 English teachers and 2 History teachers. Some subjects: Social Studies, History and Art are taught in foreign languages. The school is very popular among youngsters and famous for its high-level of od education. It is one of the best in the district Mokotów and it has got the highest records in Warsaw. Every year a big group of students receive prizes in different fields: languages, science and history. The main target of the school is to open students’ minds, to be tolerant, sympathetic and motivated to reach goals. They cooperate in small groups very well.

In the project, we would like to create a group of autonomic students who work independently and want to use their creativity in self-learning. In the modern way of teaching, students should learn to search for information themselves, out of the class. We want to ban the encyclopaedia way of learning and find an innovative kind of increasing knowledge. That is why the project based on museum workshops, meeting literature representatives and self-education make our students more independent and more inquisitive in broadening their horizons.

The key people in the projects are 4 teachers: English, History and Art

  • the coordinator Agnieszka Kanabus
  • an English teacher Nina Murmyło
  • a History teacher Rafał Sendyka
  • an Art teacher Liliana Chwistek – she will take over the role of the coordinator

Up to now, we have been running 4 Erasmus + projects: “Seniors in the city, seniors everywhere” 2016-2018, “The world is bigger than you can see on the screen” 2017 – 2019, “Current status and future prospects of renewable energy in Europe” 2018-2020, “Nature and outdoor education” 2018-2020. We have been active in eTwinning for many years and we have done plenty of multi-school projects. But we are especially interested in innovative teaching, including new teaching and learning style. Since last year we have been in the international programme “Innovative School”